The 4 Biomes – Luka Mladenovic

My group had Natalia, Luka (me), Melia, and Nicholas.

We each presented our own biomes and here are the links to the sway’s for all of them

Tundra Biome (Luka) –

Rainforest (Melia) –

Aquatic Biome (Natalia) –

Desert (Nicholas) –

I think we finished this task very well and efficiently. we all worked together and found the quickest way and the best way to complete the sway’s on all 4 biomes.

We all got long very well and made a group chat so after school we could talk about what we did.

Each Presentation is detailed and completed.

Thank you, Luka, Natalia, Melia, Nicholas.

6 D words – App Review.


Today I will use the “6 D Words” to Define, Discover, dream, design, and deliver all the wonderful uses of this application.


The application is called periodic table.


1.Definine – We don’t know how to have all the information of every chemical at the tap of a button or just by pressing it.


2.Discover – Can all of our devices run this program? Can we all understand it?


3.Dream – can we use this when we don’t have the time to calculate neutrons, electrons, atomic mass, just by tapping on the chemical and revealing all the information just by a tap on the screen.


4.Design – The app was extremely clear to use and didn’t take long to understand everything it had to offer.


5.Deliver – It did a very well job by suiting itself to all age groups and making it very user friendly.


6.Debrief – In the end, I liked it very much, in my opinion it is a much better tool then your normal periodic table because it had many more features, It was easier to find chemicals, and everything worked perfectly well. Great App!

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