How can one build resillience in the face of extreme discrimination? – Luka Mladenovic

  1. I have been in many situations where I don’t feel like I belong somewhere.

I have joined sport camps where everyone else was 6’0 tall, have been playing for years, made fun of me, and I thought were much better then me, and i have always done one thing to persevere in those conditions.

Block them out. Anything that is not constructive critisism that is said to me i use as my advatantage and motivation to get better and persue what I want more. If someone says something rude and already has a pre assummed thought of what I will be like and I dont know them, what they speak to me means absolutely nothing at all.

No matter how much you are discriminated against, the words they speak to you and the things they say or do should only be used as motivation or should be completely ignored by me and used to my advantage.

Prove them wrong, change their mind.

Should we be teaching people not to discriminate? Or should we teach people how to not get affected by discrimination?

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