Luka Mladenovic – Poem Analysis

In this post, I included both pages of lyrics, the theme statement, the meaning, the song cover, and the photo of the artists.I tried to remove all swear words involved in the song.

                      Lyric Page #1

           Lyric Page #2


Theme statement – In order to forget about past breakup and hardship, you must use words and create music to find the beauty in hard times.

Meaning – Some main points I made were that the main corus has most of it consisting at a 1,2,1 rhyme scheme. It shows a lot of repetition. the lyrics talks from different perspectives during different parts of the song. It seems to be talking about a girl he was in a relationship that had committed suicide and how he is trying to cope with it but the memories keep coming back. He seems to repeat the same lyrics twice during the song to make sure that the listener or reader of the lyrics knows that he can’t stop thinking about what happened to her and he can’t deal with it anymore. It also shows that he is trying to take the blame for some of what happened to her ; “I hate myself’ “I want to F*cking end it” “having conversations about my haste decisions”

                  Cover photo for the song.                  The artist : Xxxtentacion


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