Digital Footprint – Luka Mladenovic

Your digital footprint – By Luka Mladenovic

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  1. Your digital footprint plays a huge part in your future career.

A lot of high class jobs need responsible people. How do you think they can tell if you are responsible?


Before you could get away with things you did because there was no physical proof that you did what you did. Now days, they can just search you up. Anything on the internet that you have ever said or done, can now be used against you. That mean tweet you decided to post will now be used against you.


Now they think that you are not responsible enough to have this job that requires this amount of responsibility.

This goes for universities, colleges, job interviews and so much more.


What if you are about to get married? Maybe the one you love is looking you up. Maybe she/he is the suspicious type. So she searched up your name and saw all the bad things you said or maybe even the crimes you committed. Again this is just an example. Anyone can have access to your personal life.


2.A first way to make your digital footprint safe is by looking and reviewing what you are posting. Are you planning on pursuing your dream job? Because if you post what you are about to, maybe your chances will get slimmer. Are you posting this because it is a trend? Or are our friends doing it? Even if they are, maybe in the run its won’t be the best choice.


Another way is to support current events. Keeping a positive footprint can also be being a positive person online. Maybe post something supporting a charity or a terry fox run or something like that. That positive footprint will benefit you in the future. But then again, none of that is necessary. As long as you aren’t being negative that’s fine.


Also, not putting all your personal information. For example, when you are signing up for a website, only put the information needed. Not all of you needs to be exposed to the internet. Some websites can be fake and can use you for fraud and all your information can be leaked. That’s called fraud.


3.I think the first big thing is watching what you post because when you post something you have no power to forever take it down because people can see it and the software company has a record forever of what you wrote. You may think that pressing delete deletes it forever, but it really doesn’t.


I think the second biggest think is not putting all of your personal information.  Like I said earlier, fraud websites and websites that use your information to themselves, can take your personal info and use it to their will. Be careful about the websites you visit and the information you put it. These mistakes can cost you a ton of money and are extremely dangerous.

But in all, be careful with what you post and be safe on the internet.


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