6 D words – App Review.


Today I will use the “6 D Words” to Define, Discover, dream, design, and deliver all the wonderful uses of this application.


The application is called periodic table.


1.Definine – We don’t know how to have all the information of every chemical at the tap of a button or just by pressing it.


2.Discover – Can all of our devices run this program? Can we all understand it?


3.Dream – can we use this when we don’t have the time to calculate neutrons, electrons, atomic mass, just by tapping on the chemical and revealing all the information just by a tap on the screen.


4.Design – The app was extremely clear to use and didn’t take long to understand everything it had to offer.


5.Deliver – It did a very well job by suiting itself to all age groups and making it very user friendly.


6.Debrief – In the end, I liked it very much, in my opinion it is a much better tool then your normal periodic table because it had many more features, It was easier to find chemicals, and everything worked perfectly well. Great App!

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