Final week Blog post – Luka Mladenovic


It’s finals week, so it’s time to cram all that I can into my head so it hopefully sticks.

I found myself having an easy time remembering quadratic equations, trig, and absolute values. I decided to spend a bit more time on a topic that I was having a hard time trying to remember. The first unit which was Arithmetic/geometric series and sequences. I think my blog post from the very beginning came in handy because it was as if I was explaining the topic over again to myself in a way that I understood the most.

I have attached the link to the original YouTube video I made on Arithmetic/geometric series and sequences below.

Thank you for a great year, I feel like the strategy of working and studying in and out of class really helped me speed up my understanding of this course.


Week 12 – Precalculus 11

For this week’s blog post, I will be giving an example of substitution to find both x and y values.

Here we have been given the x value but a y value that is unknown.

I substituted the known x value in the equation where the value was unknown, and let algebra do the rest of the work.

I now have both values that I can use to find coordinates.

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