Luka Mladenovic – Narrative Essay

The document would not embed into this post, So I had to take screenshots of them and put it in here. All of the correction advice you gave me was tried to be imputed into this correction page of my narrative.

                     Page #1

                   Page #2                Page #3

“Show not tell”

“Start a new paragraph when there is a new dialogue”

“Don’t repeat the same words”

“Don’t make the dialogue awkward’

I tried my best to make the changes.


Luka Mladenovic

Luka Mladenovic – Poem Analysis

In this post, I included both pages of lyrics, the theme statement, the meaning, the song cover, and the photo of the artists.I tried to remove all swear words involved in the song.

                      Lyric Page #1

           Lyric Page #2


Theme statement – In order to forget about past breakup and hardship, you must use words and create music to find the beauty in hard times.

Meaning – Some main points I made were that the main corus has most of it consisting at a 1,2,1 rhyme scheme. It shows a lot of repetition. the lyrics talks from different perspectives during different parts of the song. It seems to be talking about a girl he was in a relationship that had committed suicide and how he is trying to cope with it but the memories keep coming back. He seems to repeat the same lyrics twice during the song to make sure that the listener or reader of the lyrics knows that he can’t stop thinking about what happened to her and he can’t deal with it anymore. It also shows that he is trying to take the blame for some of what happened to her ; “I hate myself’ “I want to F*cking end it” “having conversations about my haste decisions”

                  Cover photo for the song.                  The artist : Xxxtentacion


“Tell Tale Heart” -alternate ending in new point of view – Luka Mladenovic

The point of view I used is

from the police officer (Limited omniscient)

Walking into the house was very pleasant. His smile stressed across his face in delight as if we were tourists from another country. He lead us into the house and we let him know we were here because there were complaints of screaming next door. He seemed especially energetic at this time of the morning. he took us through the house standing with a straight posture and an energetic vibe. There was no way there was something bad going on, he seemed harmless and we didn’t even bother inspecting much of the house. He brought us to his bedroom where he placed a seat for himself and for us as well. “What a well mannered man!” all of us exclaimed. He brought us some tea and us officers had a great time laughing and having fun drinking our tea. I glanced back at him only to see him sweating and fidgeting all around. he seemed in stress and suddenly jumped to his feet with his arms flexing and face red screaming “Vilans! Dissemble no more! I admit the deed! Tear up the planks! Here, Here! It is the beating of his hideous heart!” We got up and saw what we would never imagine.

First they came for…

Lukas Mladenovic


Adapted from the poem by Martin Niemoller “First they came for the jews” in response to the poem “Danger of silence”

First they came the whites.

I was white, but it made sense so I agreed.

The others around me told me it was bad to be.


Then they came for the Christians.

I was a Christian, but it made sense so I agreed.

The others around me told me it was bad to be.


Then they came for the conservatives.

I wasn’t a conservative, but they made sense so I agreed.

The others around me told me it was bad to be.


But then I opened my eyes and looked at other ideas and realized that all those ideas and hate was directed at me.

How can one build resillience in the face of extreme discrimination? – Luka Mladenovic

  1. I have been in many situations where I don’t feel like I belong somewhere.

I have joined sport camps where everyone else was 6’0 tall, have been playing for years, made fun of me, and I thought were much better then me, and i have always done one thing to persevere in those conditions.

Block them out. Anything that is not constructive critisism that is said to me i use as my advatantage and motivation to get better and persue what I want more. If someone says something rude and already has a pre assummed thought of what I will be like and I dont know them, what they speak to me means absolutely nothing at all.

No matter how much you are discriminated against, the words they speak to you and the things they say or do should only be used as motivation or should be completely ignored by me and used to my advantage.

Prove them wrong, change their mind.

Should we be teaching people not to discriminate? Or should we teach people how to not get affected by discrimination?

What it means to be human – Luka Mladenovic – English 10

Luka Mladenovic’s response to the video.

Humans show compassion for others.

Humans Understand the situations you are in and taking action.

Humans like looking out for eachother.

Humans want to communicate, humans have/need a dream.

Humans seek happiness.

Humans need friends.

Humans want to learn.

Humans need to express themselves.

Humans can be ignorant and should be more aware.

Humans are violent.

Humans fight for what they believe in.

Humans have conflict/war.

Humans prevail despite conflict.

Humans may abuse power.

Humans evolve.

Humans want to be remembered most like recognition.

Humans disagree.

Humans may be discriminatory/racist.

Humans like to make our easier and better.

Humans like to help and fight percieved injustice.

Humans are curious and seek knowledge.

In the movie Lion by garth davis, I learned that humans will do anything to go back to the ones that they love and that times are very hard when you are looking for something that is very important to you. I’ve learned that love can stay forever and if it’s really important to you you will persist and keep pushing through what is hard at the moment. I also learned that families and relationships are affected when you’re going through an emotional time and your feelings can easily pass on to them too. The story is about a little boy who is born in India and lived very happily but poor with his mom and his brother in a village where they’re all happy together. One day him and his brother were sent out to collect rocks so they could sell them but he got stuck on a train and the train took him thousands of miles away from India. He got separated from his brother and got put in a foster home in India and escaped lots of people who tried to capture him. When you got put in the foster home in India a couple from Australia decided to adopt him, and he grew up there having an Australian accent cheering for Australia and saying he’s Australian. He lived there until he was in his late twenties and finally he decided to take action and find where he came from. So he went on Google Maps and looked at every single train station in India and spend almost over a year trying to find his home. When he finally found it his adopted family was very happy for him and the encouragement to go visit back. When you went to go visit back memories came right away when he saw the village and when he saw his mom he cried and give her very big hug. The only thing about this movie is that when he goes back to his home and turns out the day that he left was the day his brother died and got run over a train and he never got to see him again. I think this story is very powerful because it shows how far Love Takes you and it shows how far you can go with persistence and Care over something you want.

This is my favourite movie of all time and am glad to chose it for this.

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