Environmental ethic Task

Wall-E End Credits

On earth that is full of rubbish and abandoned by humans, the earth is devastated, empty and dead. When Wall E accidentally found the last living plant on earth and regarded it as a precious treasure, I felt the importance of protecting the earth from now on, otherwise we are like in the movie, because Unable to survive and be forced to leave the earth on which we depend. Finally, humans planted the plant again and told the children that we would plant farmland. Over time, a cluster of green plants was growing stubbornly, indicating the hope of humanity.


Bambi lived in a peaceful forest, but the appearance of humans disturbed the calm forest again and again. Many of Bambi’s friends died, and even his mother died in human hands. Because humanity’s yearning for resources and money has broken the tranquility of nature, forcing animals in the forest to leave their homes and lose their loved ones.