SS10 Cause of WWI

  • Militarism: Britain, Germany
  • Alliances: Russia, France, and Britain are all in a Triple Entente. Austria and Germany are also in an alliance.
  • Imperialism: Britain,  Germany
  • Nationalism: Serbia
  • What was the event that directly started the war? – When the Austro-Hungarian Emperor Ferdinand’s Dagong couple inspected in Sarajevo, they were shot by the Serbian youth Gabriel Principe. Later known as the Sarajevo incident.

1) Identify the countries:
A – Serbia, B – Austria, C – Russia, D – Germany, E – France, F – Britain

2) Identify the theme and explain the history:

The cartoon clarifying the friendship between countries and shows the reaction in the case of Serbia being threatened by the Austro-Hungarian Empire. First, Serbia is picked by Austria-Hungary; The third person represents Russia whose alliance with Serbia; then the fourth person represents Germany alliance with Austria-Hungary and finally France and Britain. It can be seen that blue is a camp and yellow is another camp.

3) Identify the theme and explain the history:

The theme of Serbia was nationalism. The Austria-Hungary had some people who were Bosnia nations that wanted independence. Bosnia is highly more as Serbia. Serbia wanted to reunite the Slavic people to form the nation of Slavic.

4) Identify the theme and explain the history:

Three powerful Britain, Germany, and France want to become imperialism. By establishing colonies around the world, they will gain all the resources and control of the colonies. The UK is considered to be the most powerful country due to colonies around the world. In 1900, Germany felt that they were also powerful countries and should have their own “land of sunshine.” So Germany has turned its eyes to the east. But wants to colonize, Germany must go through the British waters.

5) Identify the Theme and explain the history:

As the most powerful countries were overtaking the colonies with the resources all over the world. Then Britain began to build a navy to protect their country. Germany craves to be power so Germany started to build a military to match Britain; having more military meant the strongest and powerful country. Also, Britain also builds they’re military. Militarism between Britain and Germany.

6) Explain the sequence of events.

In 1914, Since Serbia wanted nationalism from Austria-Hungary. Austria was afraid that they would lose part of the Mediterranean sea where the trading area happen. Austria declares war on Serbia. Russians decided to help Serbia. Since Germany is on the side of Austria; Britain and France decided to attack Germany because they noticed that Austria-Hungry and Germany made the balance of power of the two countries.

7) Analysis

Cartoons may be Canada’s point of view, because if Britain is to participate in the war, then Canada, as a British colony, has to participate in the war. The first country to be portrayed as a child was Serbia because Serbia was the smallest country in the First World War. The title “friendship chain” is ironic. Satire that the state only cares about the interests, not really care each other. The cartoon shows the relationship between each country participating in the First World War and the Alliance. It also explains the origin of the war and the causes of the First World War.


One thought on “SS10 Cause of WWI

  1. For the causes of WWI, you should be able to explain how those countries fit into those themes. You need more of a description. Also, this should be in full sentences as practice for your final essay.
    With the cartoon, you should be able to identify which of the themes (militarism, alliances, imperialism, nationalism) apply to the different coloured circles.

    Looks like the rest is done well. Good job!

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