Socials 10 Reflections Nov.19

After learning, we know that in Canada we have discrimination before  1914. For example, the residential school, founded in the 19th century, has oppressed countless First Nations, a shadow that Canadians are lingering. In the British Columbia BC Asia Exclusion League, it announced that it would launch a campaign for “White Canada” to incite racial riots in Vancouver. In 1923, the Canadian government imposed a head tax on the Chinese through the Immigration Act (immigration law), effectively preventing more Chinese from immigrating to Canada. For decades, the racism problems in Canada have changed dramatically, but racial discrimination will never disappear,  but people of different races can get together and make each other more Understand and respect each other. In my opinion, the number of immigrants today is not a problem, and immigrants within a controlled number can help improve the economy, develop diversified jobs, and provide more jobs.

In the 20th century, the awareness of gender equality in Canadian society was revealed. In fact, in the same time, similar things happened in China. Like my great-grandmother, she can only do everything in her home at home, like washing and cooking with children. In his time, she was not allowed to go out to work. This is why she is very strict with my grandmother. She desperately saved money, so that her grandmother got a good education, so that she can learn medicine, and also asked her to return to many things that only men, such as repairing light bulbs, etc. And it’s not just women who should cook. At that time, my grandfather cooks and takes children. But when my grandfather was a child, they still had the old thoughts of patriarchal women. They felt that men can earn more money, can support a home, can do more physical work, and can go out to fight to protect the family, so they are even more Like boys.

Nowadays, women still have places that are not treated fairly, such as bus drivers, mostly male drivers, and most famous scientists are male. But in fact, the participation of women has greatly promoted the development of economy and technology. Women’s care, thoughtfulness, and patience are indispensable qualities in today’s work and social interaction.