Canada’s Political Parties

New Democratic Party

An emotional Jagmeet Singh promises to fight for Canadians facing unstable work and to oppose the ‘politics of division’ after winning the federal NDP leadership in Toronto in 2017

” we need to focus on the fact that we have a government that’s talking about legalization that hasn’t immediately decriminalized possession is completely offensive completely unacceptable right now there are people that are currently being charged, being convicted, and being imprisoned for an offense that will become legal. That’s something the government should have done immediately. Their priorities on this file are completely wrong, they need to have immediately decriminalized and they’ve shown a lack of leadership in terms of how to move forward  on this issue”( xx~2:37)

I think they are the left wing. Because New Democratic Party Pay more attention to the pursuit of social justice, advocate equal rights of citizens, and oppose force. And I totally agree with them. For myself do not advocate the use of force and violence to solve problems, but can solve things through more peaceful means. A glimpse of violence will only show that you want to control the other side, which will create a level difference and bring war and disaster. However, people should be equal, they have the right to protect their own security and interests, and the government is the party that helps citizens.

But I don’t think he really plans to protect the Canadian border from illegal infringement from the United States. There is also no plan to say how he intends to deal with people who have entered the country illegally. They all talk about the protection of human rights, but they have largely deprived us of our most basic rights, such as freedom of speech, privacy, property rights, and the right to defend ourselves with only a few examples.

And I think Canadian citizens what they want is freedom of speech back, the flooding of immigrants from the middle east to stop, actual debate and to actually talk each otherther instead of the left just calling everyone who disagrees with them





Social 10 Reflection – Oct.15

Social 10 Reflection – Oct.15

Nowadays, the waste of resources has become more and more serious. Every year, we always see reports from various experts on source wasting. Wrapping paper for various things, plastics, paper bags, cans, and the waste of food. Only people will be wasting? What about nature? Such as Trees lose leaves, flowers drop petals, snakes shed skin, birds lose feathers, people brush out old hair. All animals poop. And eventually, all living things die is kind of waste. The root cause I feel is overpopulation, With the development of science and technology, people’s lives are more and more convenient, basically solved by money, so people are more and more concerned about the environment they depend on. However,  with the adequacy of technology, it is possible to have new technologies to solve food problems or discover new renewable energy sources.

Judging from the voting method of the election, I think that the election in Canada is still very human. You can choose to reconnect instead of re-electing for two sessions. Although the elections in Canada have been perfected, as I said in class, I think “First Past the Post” is not the fairest and best solution for citizens who vote in Canada. I personally prefer the Single transferable vote. In fact, I think this way is very similar to the feeling of the Chinese election cadre or the representative of the department. I think this is a good way to vote because for this system Fewer votes are “wasted,” and most voters can point to a representative they helped elect. In addition, Votes take much longer to be counted and can be influenced, similarly to ranked voting, by voters who simply list favorites in the order names appear on the ballot. 

Reflection #4 Oct.9th

Reflection #4 Oct.9th

Through study, we know that only 10% of the earth is land, and this 10% of the land may not necessarily be suitable for people to live in. Although we only have these places, our population has always been high. As time goes by, the density of the population is increasing year by year. Rapid population growth has also brought a series of hazards, such as climate change and waste. Different people have different views on climate change. The pessimists claimed that population would soon outstrip food supply, leading to famine, disease, and social disorder. Some thinkers named neo-Malthusians predict that due to global warming, shortage of cultivated land, freshwater conflicts, reduced fish stocks, and the world’s poorest developing countries will exceed the population in the next 50 years. The optimists have faith in mankind’s ability to find innovations, such as solar and wind energy, that will increase Earth’s carrying capacity. Although I know that we should increase the new generation to ease the aging, more and more people have also brought many resource problems, such as kindergarten enrollment, lack of medical staff, and the employment problems faced, these are all disadvantages of the population.

I think it is because of the rapid increase in population that it led to climate change and waste. When people breathe, they will emit CO2, and a large number of people will discharge a large amount of CO2, which is one of the causes of climate change. With the rapid development of material life, people’s lives are more and more convenient, followed by widespread waste: like coffee cups, beverage bottles, various papers, and food discarded everywhere. Nowadays, more and more people and businesses are starting to like plastic bags, and there are still many products that are over-packaged. A plastic bag is a non-degradable material, and it takes a long time to degrade it, but the time to degrade it is far less than the time it takes to produce it. I know that plastic bags are very convenient and fast to use, but in order to solve environmental problems, I think we should cut off the production of plastics at the source, so people will use more environmentally friendly canvas bags; in the process, you can try to put plastic bags. Change to a paper bag because the paper is a recyclable item. I think that in order to avoid the waste of food, we can take a little less from the pot every time so that the things in the pot will not be polluted, it is easier to save.

But the above three issues are not too bad for the poor and war-torn countries, because they are still asking for poverty and peace, and there is still energy to manage those, so in order to solve the above problems, the first Steps to do to solve the problem of poverty and war.

Food and You Essay

Restaurant review:Tastes of the pier in the alley

Pier 39 is one of the smallest restaurants in Shanghai China, but it also carries wonderful memories belonging to our family. The restaurant is located in Jinxian Road, which is quiet in the middle of noisy. There are always seats available, and you can enjoy the food quietly. As soon as you enter, you’ll smell a characteristic aroma of coffee, and see the gray brick wall which it looks very Nordic. The waiter will ask about your preferences first to help you arrange your seat. The seats there are quite small, and people who feel like it can touch the side table. The restaurant is dominated by Nordic style, with bright floor-to-ceiling windows, brown round dining tables, and soft as the clouds of the sofa seating. This gives a fresh, bright and natural visual experience. Close to the corner of the wall, decorated with a few pots of carefully trimmed, radiant green plants, make people’s mood also brighten up. Because there are not many customers, the waiters are also pretty relaxed. But their meals are as fresh as the restaurant’s décor: the smoked salmon salad is a must-order for every visit. Served with fresh vegetables, orange tomatoes, and topped with an attractive, shiny salmon and golden cheese powder. It is Drizzled with the store’s homemade citric vinegar before serving. With soothing jazz, people talk and chew, enjoying the atmosphere. You can have a salmon with vegetables, the taste of sweet and sour bloom in your mouth. Their chicken breast spaghetti is also my favorite: hot, sweet pasta is perfect for a cold stomach after a salad. Soft chicken breast with mushroom and onion; and with the creamy sauce made with milk, salt, and black pepper, sprinkled with green parsley; and sweet and salty taste cannot be more devotion. Most of the dishes cost only $18, and the amount of each dish is very large: like a salad pot. We celebrated my mother’s 39th birthday in this restaurant, and our photos are still on the photo wall of the restaurant. Spend a 39th birthday at the “39th pier”. This restaurant preserves the precious memories of our family’s birthday, and also allows us to taste the fresh and special “pier” taste. The most rewarding things to do is to be with the family, quiet enjoyment of food and leisure is time.

Reflection: I am proud of my use of imagery and I tried really hard, although I only have some simple words. Next time, I will avoid repetition of words and concentrate on making correct sentences. I will also Strive to use more diverse punctuation. Hope that I can do better next time!