Week 14 in Math 10

This week, we ended the seventh unit, ushered in the eighth unit.At the end of unit seven, we learned about how to use Function Notation to solve problem.From Lesson 9, we knew that Values of the independent variable represent the inputs of a function and are shown on the horizontal axis.Values of the dependent variable represents the outputs of a function and are shown on the vertical axis. And why I wrote something about horizontal axis and vertical axis,that is because Unit eight : Characteristics of linear relations lesson need to use these knowledge. What is a linear relation? A linear relation  is a relation  whose graph is represented by a straight line.The line can be infinite or finite depending the domain and range of the linear relation. In some cases we are only interested in a portion of a line. This portion is called a line segment.And from lesson 4, we learned slope of a line segment. The slope of a line segment is a measure of the steepness of the line segment.It is the ratio of rise (the change in vertical height between the endpoints) over run (the change in horizontal length between the endpoints).

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