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A independent moment in my life-1aytttg

Nov.28,2017                                           Lina Pan

Journal Writing:  a independent moment in your life

Learn to survive, learn to be independent, learn to be strong. When we are born, we have embarked on a path of life. This path has setbacks and ups and downs, but as long as you learn to survive, you will definitely take this path.

I remember one afternoon, my mother and I went shopping, shopping malls clothes can be so beautiful ah, a wide range of clothes is very attractive to everyone’s attention! I saw a favorite dress, involuntarily released her mother’s hand, intend To touch it. May be back, my mother is gone. Here is crowded, how can I do? I am anxious to turn around and start looking for a person in the mall. I found the top floor from the first floor has not found a mother’s figure, getting dark, I am more and more anxious. This is a timed broadcast coming, a thought in my mind, I can find the mall’s announcer aunt to help! I crowded from the crowd to the radio, aunt explained the situation, Aunt will broadcast a search for inspiration, and soon, my mother came. I pounced toward her mother’s arms, “Mom, scared me, I thought I could never see you again!” Said, grievances shed tears, but my mother smiled and touched my head, “children, You can find a way to overcome the difficulties, which shows that you have grown up, what are you crying? “On the way back, I clutched my mother’s hand for fear of losing again.

We must learn to survive, learn to be strong, we can’t over-rely on money, rely on our parents, and whenever something emerges, we rely on ourselves. This memorable experience, let me know to learn to be independent!

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