1.Read page 23 about Food and Housing. What kind of foods do the Arctic People eat? Would you eat the same food? Describe what their housing looks like? Could you live in the Arctic? 

Inuit people have a variety of diets, including three seals, three major fish, including white salmon, arctic and trout, walrus, white whale and some reindeer. They are hunting for Canadian and blue goose, ducks, sea pigeons, seagulls, terns, collecting eggs and berries. But there are almost no birds, reindeer or fish in Grise Fiord and Resolute Bay; instead, their diet is mainly limited to seals, walruses and polar bears.
The high Arctic Islands were built in 1926 in the Arctic Islands protected area, and RCMP banned Inuit hunting musk cows. I wouldn’t eat the same food.

Live in the tent in the winter, because there is not enough snow to build a snow house, every morning up like a ball rolled up.No,I couldn’t, it’s too cold.

2.Look at page 32. Why are people relocating all the time? 

There are not many wild animals for hunting. Since hunting and fishing was their main source of food, they were forced to move around, following the seasonal migration patterns of area animals.

3.Look at page 43. Why are there so many Indigenous peoples of the Arctic countries? Did the number surprise you? Yes or No? Why or Why not? 

Indigenous peoples lived in the Arctic for thousands of years. It is estimated that the proportion of indigenous population accounts for about 10 per cent of the total population of the Arctic. The Arctic has more than 40 different races. The Arctic is now living in 20 ethnic groups, with a total population of about 2 million, with a very wide geographical distribution around the Arctic Ocean. It’s surprise me, because I did not expect the Arctic in the cold, food shortage areas, but also with so many people in this hard place to survive, and people still a lot.

Because they live here for at least 4,000 years,they are thousands of years ago from Asia through the Bering Strait ice bridge to the Americas, because it was the century glacier, the straits frozen, you can go directly to North America.

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