Math 10 Honors Number Summary

During first unit of Math 10 Honors, we were taught things about the real number system, mixed radicals, and entire radicals. Some of the things we learned were a bit of review to me, but other things were completely new to me, and I was a little confused about how to do a lot of it at first, but eventually understood it. We were shown how to find factors of numbers,  and find out what numbers are prime numbers. On that topic, we also discovered that the largest known prime number has 17,425,170 digits. We also learned about natural numbers, whole numbers, and integers and how they’re all relate and how they don’t relate to each other. We also learned that there are many imaginary numbers that exist. We learned how to simplify entire or mixed radicals into simplest form, in which is a part I struggled with at first, though I hope to remember, so it’s easier in the future.