How can BC’s waste management system be made more sustainable?

Many sources indicate that many countries have enforced strict laws when it comes to recycling, which prove to greatly impact the percentage on how much waste gets recycled. Unfortunately, North America has not followed in these footsteps, but can be changed.

According to Google, Germany has the best recycling rates of 56% of everything recycled every year, while producing 30 million tonnes of waste every year. Their method to recycling is “The Green Dot System” The concept is that the consumers are able to see if a company is also taking responsibility of paying for recovering the waste and recycling it. This concept makes companies try to minimize their resources in packaging so that they do not have to pay these fees. When this concept was put into order, Germany reduced their Waste production by one million tonnes per year.

This method could be a good way for North America to improve the recycling system here, and decrease the sizes of our landfills gradually.

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