Inter-Generational Impacts

While the Whites believed that this was right,

The Indians didn’t like this school hygiene.

They all wanted to stand up and fight

As they all knew what this would mean.


For generations, their culture stayed the same

But the Whites began to take their aim.

They left the older. Strong and firm.

They took the younger and made them turn.


They were stripped of their own identity

And were told to be ashamed of their own ethnicity.

They were told their culture was wrong

And was told this new one is where they belong.


Graduates were sent back to their families

To replace the older and wise.

The family then heard of the agonies,

But this new culture, would still be advertised.



In other words, these essentially brainwashed graduates would return home and take lead of their tribe, and change things that suit the Whites better, causing the next generations to do the same, if not put in a Residential school anyway.

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