Racism Now Vs. Then



Today, racism has gotten a lot better than back then, however, there still is a lot of racism today, but not at harsh as before. For example, back then, blacks had to use different bathrooms, sit farther back on busses, etc… But now, they get to use the same everything as whites for the most part. Today, racism seems to be a lot more discreet than back then, for example, police have arrested way more blacks for possession of drugs, and barely any whites in comparison. Blacks may even get longer jail time than whites would.

Rube Goldberg Project


As you can see in the video, we didn’t have good luck with the machine actually working, but it got pretty close.


How it works:

  1. The hockey puck rolls and hits the dominoes which is mechanical
  2. The dominoes fall down and hit the golf ball which is mechanical
  3. Then the golf ball rolls down the slope which is gravitational
  4. Then the golf ball falls into the cup which weighs the cup down which is gravitational which
  5. Then pulls on the string to lift the piece of card board which is mechanical which
  6. Then releases the car with the pin to roll down the slope which is gravitational
  7. Then the pin pops the balloon that has the marble inside which is sound and elastic
  8. Then the marble rolls down the slope which is gravitational
  9. Then hits the dominoes which is mechanical
  10. Then the dominoes fall down and hit the bell which is sound and gravitational



Algebra Tiles Math 10 H 2017

(2x + 3) (x – x)


The top tiles represent 2x + 3, while the tiles on the left represent x – x.

All the tiles between them, is the answer to the equation that was made.

Since there are two -x^2 and two x^2 that would make two zero pairs, which would make that part zero.

And then there are three x’s and three -x’s , which would make three more zero pairs, and again, make that part zero, so the overall answer of the equation would be zero because (x – x) was zero, and that gets multiplied, which would always make the answer zero.