Garibaldi Lake Task

Garibaldi Lake Task

In order to find the volume, all you’d have to do, is multiply the surface area or the lake, with the average depth, and you’d have an average volume of the entire lake.


To determine the amount of water behind the barrier, you’d first have to convert the Surface area from kilometers to meters, so you can multiply that with the average depth to find the volume. 9.41km^2  into meters would be . 9,940,000m^2.


After converting that, you then multiply it with the average depth.

9,940,000m^2 \cdot 119m = 1,182,860,000m^3



The total amount of water would be 1,182,860,000m^3.


If the barrier were to collapse, the majority of the water would most likely flood out, flooding close by areas, and destroying many things.


According to Steve Quane, a member of Quest University, the amount of power created would be “200 times the energy released by the bomb on Hiroshima.” Luckily, this happening will most likely not happen during our life time.