Careers and Conversations

The careers and conversations I talked to Carson Hamill who is a financial adviser and I also talked to Rory Morgan who is a lawyer. I have always wanted to be a lawyer so talking to Mr. Morgan was very interesting and informational. Mr. Hamill, the financial adviser really inspired me to be a financial adviser, going in I didn’t really have an interest in being a financial adviser but after I realized that it is a real potential of me being a financial adviser. He inspired me because I realized how cool the job is and how well it fits me, I really like to plan out things, especially with money, for example I have already calculated how much money I will make from my job within the next 6 months and I have worked out a financial plan for me spending and saving the money. I also learned that the classes that are recommended I am already taking this year or I have already signed up for on the course selection. The soft skills needed for being a lawyer are, being a people person, problem solving, analytical skills and speaking, organizational skills and I believe I possess all of these. The hard skills needed for being a lawyer are, writing ability, persuasiveness and emotional intelligence, I believe I also have these skills. soft skills for being a financial adviser are, being a people person, problem solver, and analytical skills. the hard skills are, researching, skills, math skills and financial strategies. Ways I can improve these skills are practicing them. I found careers and conversations a very valuable learning experience, because I really did learn a lot and has introduced a new possible career for me.

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