week 8 in math 10

this week in math 10 i learned how to find a missing angle in a right triangle. to find the angle the first thing you do is determine whether you use sine, cosine or tangent you do this using the abbreviations SOH CAH TOA the first letter in the abbreviation is which main function you will use (sine, cosine, tangent). the second and third letters are for opposite, hypotenuse and adjacent and which one goes over which for example you have an opposite of 24m long and a hypotenuse of 30m long you would use sine because you only have the opposite(O) and the hypotenuse(H) and 24 would go over 30. after that you move the sin to the other side of the equation but you use inverse sin (sin-1) so its x=sin-1 (24/30) then you use your calculator to determine the answer.