Data Analysis – Fake News

(The following are my views on articles about finding the truth in the intranet).

This article is about how people are making fake social media profiles, particularly facebook profiles and using them to make friends with politicians and comment on different thinks in politics. I think this might affect me if a politician in Canada makes a decision bases on comments from these fake accounts. At least we know that they use stock photos in their account and we may be able to recognize the threat and neutralize it.

Manchester Arena: 2 rules to sort truth from fiction in an attack’s confusing aftermath

This article is about fake posts on lost relatives. Some people do this right after a big attack or disaster and the article says that most of these posts are fake. Why people would do this is unknown to me and it probably won’t affect me seeing as how I don’t use social media.

This article talked about how some news can be completely made up. This news is called fake news and if you check on who was the first black president of America, surprisingly you will find some fake news pointing at people other than Barack Obama. There was also a story about how after someone died people said something he did in his life was being in the Teletubbies but this was completely made up and the info was found on wikipedia. This can affect me by making me believe something that isn’t true. And maybe even making me write about something false because of some bad info.