Weather Reading 18/12/19 1:00pm

Weather Predictions

From what we gathered from the weather maps, we saw a sort of swirling weather pattern centred on a low pressure zone move  above our area but come back down towards us. We think that this will cause more clouds to form above us causing precipitation, and maybe it will get a bit cooler due to the cold front in this vortex.

Weather Reading 17/12/19 12:30pm

Weather Prediction

Yesterday we predicted that the warm front would come in, and we were right, it did cause it to be warmer today and continuing the weather patterns we’ve been seeing. We predict that the cold fron that is south of us will move in causing it to be cooler tomorrow. We also think that the occluded front that came to our region will produce more nimbostratus clouds and  continue the precipitation and cloud cover we’ve been seeing. We also think it will be more windy tomorrow from this cold front.


Climate Zones


  • Explain how world temperatures and precipitation are changing.

Based on the info we gathered, world temperatures are rising, and so is precipitation. We think temperatures are raising because of the greenhouse gasses we are putting in our atmosphere and a result of this is that more ice is melting, creating more precipitation.

  • What conclusions can you make about how climate change is occurring in different climate zones?

In the cooler climate zones we can conclude that the temperature is raising faster than in warmer climates, and the precipitation is rising. In the warmer climate zones, we can conclude that the temperature is raising and the precipitation is decreasing.



Weather Reading 16/12/19 1:20pm

Weather Prediction

Since Friday, the low and high pressure zone moved in and out again like we predicted, and this caused rain. From today’s weather map it showed the low pressure zone moving in and out, a high pressure zone move up, and it showed a occluded front move past us. We predict that there will be a more rain, and more wind tomorrow and because there is a high pressure zone moving up, and this will cause rain.

Weather Reading 13/12/19 1:20pm

Weather Prediction

Since yesterday, the low and high pressure zone moved in like we predicted, but not enough to cause rain. From today’s weather map it showed the low pressure zone moving in and out and it showed a stationary front move past us. We predict that there will be a sprinkle of rain, and low wind tomorrow and then clear up because the low pressure zone isn’t getting close enough to cause rain, and because the stationary front is now past us.

B.C.’s Fishing Industry

1) Choose a species of fish and explain which ones you should consume and which ones you should avoid.

Sockeye Salmon (my favourite)

Based on the information I got from Ocean Wise, I found that the species Gillnet, Purse Seine, and Troll that are caught in the USA: Washington, Oregon and California should be avoided. In the fisheries in these areas, the farmed salmon are supplemented with hatchery fish which get to intermingle with the wild variety. When this happens the fishermen can accidentally catch the wild fish, which are an endangered species. Therefore, to prevent the extinction of the endangered species of that area, those fish should be boycotted.

2) With reference to the video “Salmon Confidential” and your own research about the advantages and disadvantages of salmon farming, assess how sustainable aquaculture is.

When fish are farmed (aquaculture), the close quarters of the fish allow for the rapid transmission and mutation of fish diseases. These fish are farmed in pens that are able to interact with the wild fish, and thereby, transmit the diseases that are produced to the wild variety, which kills most of the wild fish. If this continues It could kill all of our fish: farmed, and wild, therefore, I would say that aquaculture is not sustainable. The advantage of aquaculture is that it gives fish farmers a guaranteed “harvest” and they are able to control which variety the get, wile “protecting” wild populations. I think the way to make aquaculture sustainable is to only raise the fish to a young age and then release them into nature to go out into the ocean and come back to spawn. That way the fish are able to be more dispersed and have a much reduced chance of getting diseased. When the fish come back to spawn, the fisheries can just catch them with a large net, prepare some for consumption, and let others spawn for them to raise. This way we let nature do most of the work for us and we put more fish back into the ecosystem.

Deforestation and Silviculture

(Illegal logging for paper industry and forest clearing for Palm oil plantation. TESSO NILO Plantation Riau, Sumatra, Indonesia)

Deforestation: The process of removing a forest to use the land for agriculture or human habitation, or to harvest the trees for lumber.


1. There will be more space for farming.

2. The lumber could be used to build houses, or sold to other countries to gain a profit.

3. The space could be used for civilization. When we remove forests, it gives us far more land to expand our civilization; it makes more room for housing and commercial businesses.


1. The forests act as a carbon sink, they absorb CO2 from the air. Without them global warming is accelerated.

2. The forests also produce the oxygen we breathe, and without them there would be far less oxygen in the world.

3. The forests absorb water from the ground, preventing floods. Without the forests, there will be an excess amount of water and it will increase flooding.

4. When the forests are removed, it also removes the habitat of all of the animals in it, contributing to their extinction.

Silviculture: The process of replanting and managing a forest after it has been clear cut.


1. It can allow a forest to regrow after deforestation.

2. It can stop desertification (when drought causes the soil to be blown away by the wind, creating a desert).


1. The off cuts, scraps, and stumps caused by deforestation can make it hard for the forest to regrow.

2. When the forestry sector replants, they are focused on a plan of caring for the trees to harvest in the future.

3. Biodiversity is lost because the trees the forestry sector replants are the type they want for lumber; instead of the hundreds of types of trees that you would find in an old-growth forest.

Selective Logging: The process of removing part of a forest (only one or two species of tree).


1. Damage to habitats is mitigated because most of the trees remain.

2. Only the logs that are needed are harvested, allowing for resources to not be wasted.


1. As more and more trucks and people move in, it drives mammals out of their habitat.

2. It is a hard form of deforestation to detect because the forest density gets gradually thinned instead of cleared and it will eventually lead to complete deforestation.

3. In forest like the Amazon, where there are at least 35 marketable hardwoods, selective logging removes a lot more than just a small percentage of the trees.

How sustainable is B.C.’s forestry industry?

The statistics show that we are deforesting faster than the forests are regenerating, so if we keep it up at the speed we are, the forestry industry isn’t sustainable. For the forestry industry to be sustainable, we must take into account the speed in which we deforest. If we keep clear cutting, it will lead to many environmental problems, and if we keep replanting trees solely for future harvest, it will lead to decreased biodiversity. Moving forward I think we should take into account the demands on our forests, and then try to protect a certain percentage of them. We could even try to create a system of replanting and harvesting that increases the size of our forests and allows for the environment to not be negatively affected.