Financing a CyberTruck


From this project I learned that there are hidden costs with financing a vehicle. First you have GST and PST which raise your price by 12% and second you have interest rates from borrowing money. In my opinion, purchasing a vehicle is the best option because you are not tied to any contracts that come with leasing a vehicle, and you get to do with the vehicle what you want.

Core Competencies

From this project I improved my critical thinking CC’s. Before I did this project, I thought that interest was just added on in the end, but my thinking has changed because now I know about compound interest rates and how they work. There are these hidden costs with everything you buy and now I am aware of it.

Factoring and Radicals CC

How has factoring, and radicals improved your CCs?

Factoring and radicals have improved my critical thinking CCs by making me able to better analyze numbers. With factoring it helps me quickly solve quadratics and even break down whole numbers and with radicals I have become more adapt to simplifying them.

Factoring and radicals have improved my creative thinking CCs because having a better understanding of numbers helps me think of more creative ways to solve math problems.