Your First Big Purchase: Your Wheels

What is it?
2012 Mitsubishi i-MiEV Base

Where did you find it? (buying from who/where):
Victoria Mitsubishi 3342 Oak Street, Victoria B.C. V8X 1R1

Now, let’s just pretend you have saved $1500 to put toward this purchase; how much do
you owe? $4,500

What are your monthly car payments?
$84.92 for 5 years

Cost per month to insure your vehicle: $956.60

What is your total monthly vehicle cost? $1041.52

And now, pick up a “Luck of the Draw” card from Ms. Roberge. Because…life happens!

What is the scenario?
Tires get slashed by a bottle on the road.

Approximately how much will this cost you? $20 for a patch job

How did you come up with this amount (quote your source)?