Mock Interview – Core Competencies

In Planning 10, we did mock interviews in order to prepare us for job interviews in the future. In this mock interview project, we were required to make fill in an application form, write a resume, write a cover letter, and attend a mock interview with an adult posing as an employer.

In the terms of core competencies, I found that this project encompasses both the communication and the critical thinking core competencies. But, I am only going to write about the communication core competency in this post.

One of the most important parts of this project was communication. We had to have a good handshake, a friendly attitude, and good answers to commonly asked questions. To improve on my core competency of communication, I practiced my hand shake, I  mentally checked in (to have a good attitude), and I practiced answers to commonly asked interview questions.

Overall, the interviewer said I did very well in all of this with one exception, I needed to brag more about myself. Usually, I tend to be humble and not brag about myself, but in this project, I learned that in different social situations you need to act differently; In an interview it isn’t good to be humble. So, in future interviews, I will keep this advice in mind and adapt to the different social situation.


Core Competent Canadians

What did you know about the core competencies before this activity? What did you learn?

Before this activity, I knew that the core competencies help you reflect on how your projects further your growth in specific areas. I also knew what each competency is made up of, and how to reflect on them. After learning, I now know of more celebrities, and how they excel in certain core competencies. I also now know more ways one can better themselves in the core competencies.

How can your knowledge of the core competencies help you in your school life? Personal life?

With my newfound knowledge of the core competencies, I can now better reflect on how school projects further my growth in certain core competencies. In my personal life, I can now make decisions better; when I make a decision I can now think of how well I am using my core competencies.