Reflection Sept, 12, 2018 (Socials 10)

Last week we were asked to research political Ideologies. The ideology research included socialism, communism, fascism, conservatism and liberalism.

Communism and socialism are two similar Ideologies that I researched. Socialism is all about giving everyone an equal playing field and working with democracy to gain equality and fairness. In socialism the government also controls production and distribution of goods. Now communism is basically a more extreme version of this where they are not ok with just everyone being about equal, no, they want everyone to be treated exactly the same. With the same health care, same education, etc. Also in marxism communism it begins with the working class revolting against the upper class to create a dictatorship that slowly moves towards true communism. But I think this is slightly flawed because every time it has been tried, it has failed because the dictator has stayed in power
Fascism I found was all about having one dictator and included lots of nationalism and authoritarianism, meaning that the nation is the most important and having strict laws that restrict freedom. Out of all of these Ideologies I think that Fascism is the worst because it promotes hate and military aggression.
Now, liberalism is my favourite ideology because they are all about advocating freedom and liberty. They agree in competition in the economy and they want a system that gives government power to protect Individual’s liberty but also prevents politicians from abusing power.
Lastly, conservatism is one of my least favourites because they want to have traditional government and sometimes even try to undo political changes. The reason they want politics to stay the way it was traditionally is because it has slowly evolved through the years. I also don’t like conservatism because they have no trust in humanity thinking that people would constantly fight if there was no government and they even like to follow religious beliefs in government.