Currents in the kitchen

Predictions: My prediction is that the potato will produce the most electric voltage. I think the potato will produce the most electric voltage because it has citric acid and citric acid is a conductor.

materials: voltmeter, orange, potato, apple, cables, copper/ zinc, nail, cables, knife

Procedure:                                                                                                                                                                  1.First you will get out your materials                                                                                                          2.Cut your fruits in half                                                                                                                                        3.stick the copper rod and the nail in the fruit                                                                                        4.attach one end of the cables to the nail and the other end to the voltmeter                                5.  see where the line on your voltmeter goes                                                                                            6.then calculate the results                                                                                                                                  7. repeat steps 3 to 6 with the other fruits

Observations: One of my observations is that you have to clean off the nail and rod after each fruit to get the right results. Another observation of mine was that the copper rod smelt strongly of metal. My third observation was that after letting the potato sit for a few days after being cut in half, it turned black but still gave the same results.


Setup                                                                Orange= 0.35

Apple= 0.4 volts                                                     Potato= 0.5 volts

Conclusion: In conclusion My prediction was correct the potato ended up producing the most electric volts. The reason the potato produced the most electric voltage is because the starch contained in the potato can be used to produce electricity. Potatoes are acidic, and are high in potassium providing the energy to produce electricity. I was correct in saying it would produce electricity because it was acidic but potatoes are also high in potassium which was a big factor in the amount of volts. I think this would be very useful in everybody’s daily life because to make a light, light up you need voltage and it would be a lot more inexpensive to use fruit. In this experiment the electrons flow through the copper through the wire into the volt meter. The acidic reaction causes atoms to move from one metal to the other metal copper/nail. As the atoms move, they loose their electrons, causing an electric flow. That is what causes the electrons to flow in this experiment. My new question is, is there another fruit that would produce more voltage then a potato.

2 thoughts on “Currents in the kitchen

  1. That is interesting that the potato gave the same result days after first using it. Do you think the fruits lose their ability to generate a voltage after time? Why or why not?

    1. Thanks for replying to my currents in the kitchen. I think that is interesting that you brought that up since I did notice most peoples results were higher then mine. I never thought that over time it would lose the ability to generate voltage. I think that would be something very interesting to look in to.
      Thanks, Lauren Vestergaard

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