A century of connections– The worlds oldest barber still going strong

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Since days gone by, barbershops and beauty salons alike have long served as a place for connection and unwinding. In addition to a haircut, people are able to be open and talk about issues important to them.

In a 2010 article written by Vincent Mallozzi for the New York Times, Mallozzi takes an insightfully wistful perspective in a conversation with Anthony Mancinelli– the worlds oldest barber. Mancinelli started cutting hair when he was 12 years old, and has borne witness to many events in the 20th century.

By keeping Mancinelli in the forefront of conversation, the writing style appears more as an easygoing conversation. “To many of us who have been coming here for a long time, he’s like family. I hope he’s still my barber when he’s 125,” said Mr. Jaffe ( a customer.) Inserts from fellow customers only add to the quality.

“I used to have a bottle of leeches on my counter, and I would put them on people’s skin to drain blood,” he said, not noticing that half a dozen men waiting for him and three other barbers were hanging on his every word,” said Mallozzi. People like Mancinelli  exemplify the fact that everyone has stories to share. It’s only a matter of knowing where to look, and how to listen.

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