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As new plants are being discovered, so are different ways to maintain them. How can electricity be repurposed for benefiting the environment, while using as little time and physical energy as possible? The Gardening Robot relieves it’s user of many ailments that can come with being in a “hunched over” position for extended periods of time.


Landcare has become somewhat of an unspoken topic among young adults. More often than not, gardening advertisements and magazine catalogs are aimed towards the older crowds. In 2011, Farmbot was the first “gardening robot” to debut. It’s functions include sowing, watering, and mechanical weed control. Although it requires an internet connection, electricity, and a consistent water supply to run at its full potential, it is estimated that Farmbot produces up to 25% less emissions compared to USA food production.

Inspiration for the design of a Gardening Robot came from a Dyson mini vacuum. The purpose would be to add a seed dispensing system that will give the appropriate amount of seeds when a switch is pressed. Keeping the vacuum system in place would be a must, so that any dirt could be held in one place while plant seeds are dispersed accordingly. The goal is not to eliminate energy exertion completely, but rather to subdue it to a very manageable level.


If I had a Gardening Robot at my disposal, I think I would be getting outside quite a bit more. According to a 2014 article from CBC, obesity rates surged to scary heights between 1985 and 2011. It would allow me to notice and carefully think about what is going on throughout my environment. Over time, I think that this tool would integrate itself into general gardening, farming, and botanical maintenance.

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  1. Thanks for explaining your “sowing machine” idea. It would be great to see how this automation would work and affect the agriculture industry. It is great how you cited from where you got your ideas. I am excited to see how far you get with your innovation.

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