Static Electricity

Learning about the history of electricity was rather fun. It was interesting to watch how much of a mark it made on science. However, I am still curious as to why static electricity was one of the only fields of electricity explored at the time. The story behind the creation of Frankenstein is a good example.

Conduction, friction, and induction were interesting to learn about because they occur sometimes in my daily routine, like when I pull fluffy clothing out of the dryer. Identifying dangers surrounding static electricity was interesting, as I did not know that static could cause an explosion at a gas station.

Looking at lab safety was an important one for me. It was good to review the methods that I knew about and learn about new methods too, such as how to handle chemicals properly. Learning about WHIMS symbols was something new that “stuck out” to me in importance.

The lab involving meter sticks was the one I found most helpful. I was able to use physics-related methods in order to figure out a way to make the meter sticks move around without falling of of the pivot. It was interesting to watch an insulator and conductor working in good coordination. I am still curious as to whether or not accurate distribution of weight would impact the speed of the meter stick.

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