Barney the Rat

(ordered from left to right)

“We are alone on the island now, Barney and I.” (pg.211)

“It was something of a jolt to have to sack Tayloe after all these years, but I had not alternative.”  (pg.211)

“At last I have complete freedom to carry on my work without the mute reproaches of Tayloe.” (pg.212)

“I have given Barney complete run of the place, and what sport it is to observe how his newly awakened intellectual curiosity carries him about.” (pg.212)

“By the time I reached the yard I spied him on the coping of the well, and I arrived only on the spot in time to hear the key splash into the water below.” (pg.212)

“A few feet from the top I heard excited squeaks from Barney, and upon obtaining ground level I observed that the rope was almost completely severed.” (pg.213)

“I have replenished the batteries in my flashlight and am now prepared for the final descent.” (pg.213)

“If anybody reeds this please do not disturb anything on the island but leave it as it is as a shrine to Barney, especially the old well.” (pg.213)


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