My Graduation Plan

1. Healthy Living a. This year, I took PE 10 to meet DPA requirements (150 mins/week of moderate to vigorous physical activity). b. Next year, I will workout on my

Multiculturalism in Canada This is an example of discrimination in Canada and someone being discouraged from maintaining their culture. This article records an event where a Muslim woman wearing a hijab was

Kylee’s Autobiography This is my digital autobiography, I created a website showing important events/people/interests in my life.

Workplace Safety

To stay safe at work: I will ask my employers questions if I need clarification about something, or if I feel my training is insufficient. I will wear the proper

Perspectives of Canadian Identity I picked this resource because I believe that this is a very good depiction of what it means to be Canadian, and the struggles we have gone through, but

Week 17 in Math 10

This week in math we learned about substitution, an algebraic method of finding solutions for systems. So to start, when you are given a question with 2 different equations, you

Week 15 in Math 10

This week in math we learned how to determine the y-intercept and slope of a line by its equation as long as it’s in slope-intercept form. So First off, slope-intercept

Week 14 in Math 10

This week in math we learned how to calculate the slope of a graph. So first, the basic rule is slope=rise/run. To start, find the rise by finding the point