Are writers and artists as important to society as scientists and engineers?

I think that scientists and engineers, as well as writers and artists are both important, but in different ways. Scientists and engineers may be considered more important by people because they’re the ones building and creating things for societies use, we can’t live without them. But, I think that it’s hard to compare these fields to each other. Writers and artists are also important because they spread information and deep emotion, such as happiness. Writers and artists shape society, they have a large influence on people. Without them, would people have much of a purpose? Would people look forward to their days?

Scientists and engineers are necessary for life, without them we would be nothing. They help us make new discoveries and advance human life. But, you could also say that writers and artists help us make new discoveries, but within ourselves. And you could say that writers and artists also advance human life, they have such an impact on society. Writers and artists can shape society for better or for worse, that’s how large of an influence they are. So, you could say that scientists and engineers may be more important to society because they are necessary for life, but writers and artists are the ones who influence our society to be better. They are both important fields, and incomparable.

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