Multiculturalism in Canada

This is an example of discrimination in Canada and someone being discouraged from maintaining their culture. This article records an event where a Muslim woman wearing a hijab was harassed on a bus by a man in Montreal in 2013. The man first told the woman to “remove her headscarf or return to her country.” The woman was being discouraged from maintaining and being proud of her culture by getting told that and discriminated against.

This is an example of multiculturalism in Canada and how it’s different in Canada compared to other countries when it comes to multiculturalism. This article describes Canadians banning together to protect minorities when targeted against discriminating people. They are preserving their cultural heritage.

I think Canada is a multicultural country because these articles show that, although there will always be the odd discriminatory person, Canada overall and the people in it are very accepting of other cultures, and even go as far to help people maintain their culture and put themselves in their shoes.

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