Workplace Safety

To stay safe at work:

  1. I will ask my employers questions if I need clarification about something, or if I feel my training is insufficient.
  2. I will wear the proper clothing, or any specific items my employer tells me to wear for safety.
  3. If I’m not feeling well I won’t push myself to work, and instead will take time off to get better.

To keep others safe at work:

  1. I will make sure the working conditions are as they should be and that there are no hazards.
  2. If a co-worker of mine is having problems with something I will help them if I can, or get someone else to help them.

Mathew’s story resonates the most with me because it’s such a common job for people my age, working in a restaurant or fast food place. I’ve never had a job before, but I know many people who have worked in those fields as a young worker. It is very likely that in the future I will have a job in one of those fields too, possibly as a first job, and without any experience, there are so many different accidents or mistakes you could make because of not asking questions, bad/no training, etc. You can learn a lot from Mathew’s accident, such as to trust your instincts, make sure you have proper training, ask questions if you have any, even if it’s ‘stupid’ or you just need clarification.

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