Week 13 in Math 10

This week in Math we learned how to find the x and y-intercepts using an equation. Some things to know: even if it doesn’t look like it, a pattern could have intercepts when it extends, and if there is a 0 in an ordered pair, that is an intercept. An x-intercept in an ordered pair should look like (x,0) and a y-intercept in an ordered pair should look like (0,y). It’s helpful to always write that down at the top of your page to remember!

So, now on to how to find the intercept, for an example, let’s say you’re given 3x+5y=30. To find the x-intercept, everywhere there is a y in the equation you plug in 0 instead, so that would be 3x+5(0)=30 you can then solve the equation using algebra, remember BEDMAS (for completed example look at picture example)

To find the y-intercept, you do the opposite and everywhere there is an x, you plug in 0, so that would be 3(0)+5y=30. You can then solve using algebra once again (completed example in picture example). Another thing to remember is to always write your answers as an ordered pair so (x,y) like previously stated. Using graphs it is fairly simple, you just look at the points where they intercept the x-axis, and y-axis and those are your intercepts.

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