Year end reflection

I learned many things in this class that I will carry with me throughout my high school life. I learned how use a four square template to effortlessly write an essay, How to decode Shakespearean language, and how to create and answer an inquiry question.

My fondest memory of English 9 is probably reading my novel study book, Acceleration. Without this class I never would of even bothered to read that book and I learned a lot of great life lessons from Acceleration. I’m glad that this class introduced me to this book.

A tip for myself to succeed in English 10 would probably be studying more thoroughly for tests, and taking clear, organised notes on important subjects that I’m learning. This will help me because I had a little trouble with certain tests because I didn’t study that well for them, I would definitely of done better in this class if I studied more. Taking clear, organised notes would also be helpful to use as study guides, instead of trying to find random documents, and stray papers shoved into my binder.

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