Innovation project – Collaboration reflection

Core Competency: Personal Responsibility skill

I always advocated myself and my ideas, because whenever I had an idea or thought I would publicly share it with my group and back up my ideas. Working on this project, I always kept in mind that I was working towards change in myself and the world. I pushed myself to come up with creative ideas on how to change the world for the better, that changed me in the way that I know to persevere through confusion, or dry ideas. I always took initiative when informing myself about relevant issues. I researched all that I needed to know, and didn’t wait until it was irrelevant or pointless, that lead to me being very knowledgeable of my topic. Overall I have gained crucial self-determination by practising it during this project, this skill will be extremely useful in the near future.

Collaboration reflection:

I feel our group did very well collaborating. Our work was split up evenly and we were all very organised. A strength of ours was definitely how well we all got along, if we ever had any disagreements we would calmly find a way to resolve it, and it ended up helping us as a group. A strength I had with this project would be that I was always on task and I kept the rest of my group members on task and focused as well. I also met and exceeded all of the individual deadlines our group created, making sure that I thoroughly completed my part of the work. An improvement we could have made would probably be researching and exploring our topic further (the holographic watch) since we did stick to the basics when researching. Other than that I feel our group was very balanced and we all had many strengths to bring to the table that helped us in our journey.

Experience Debrief:

I liked how much freedom we were given with this project. We were expected to reach a certain goal and include a list of things, but we were mostly given free range and independence with this project. With so much freedom and independence, I feel I learned a lot about electricity within my group and I also gained very useful communication and critical thinking skills, which will most definitely help me later on in life. I wouldn’t do anything differently with this project. I am proud of how our groups results turned out and I think the way we did everything was instrumental in how well we concluded our project.  

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  1. Thanks for sharing this post about your holographic watch innovation. You did a great job sharing what you learned regarding your Core Competency. Although your readers might be interested to hear more about your watch idea in this post, your reflection is very good. I really like how you have objectively looked at how your group worked together. Great seeing how on-task you were. Excellent post.

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