Salad Rolls!

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  1. I did enjoy this lab because, I have never made or eaten salad rolls before so it was very interesting learning how to make them. I will definitely use what I learned in this lab in the future!
  2. Instead of shrimp, I would add more vegetables, like broccoli and and celery since I do not like shrimp.This would still be keeping the recipe very healthy, it would also add lots more vitamin A and vitamin C.
  3. Deep frying foods multiplies the caloric density, when it is deep fried in oil it increases the calories as fat is soaked up into every available space. Oil also steals the natural minerals and oxidants required for our body. It becomes unhealthy because it is soaked in oil, which greatly increases the amount of calories and trans-fat. A diet full of deep fried foods can also lead to obesity, cancer, heart disease, and many other diseases. Deep frying adds lots of bad fats (including trans-fat) and empty calories to the food.                                                              

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