How much sugar


In this activity, you are going to be looking at the amount of sugar in different servings of different foods. I will need you to do as follows:

  1. With your group, choose one specific type of each of the following (i.e. Dr. Pepper for a – type of pop)
    1. Type of pop (1 can or 355 mL)
    2. Type of regular-sized chocolate bar
    3. Type of fruit snack or granola bar
    4. Type of cereal
    5. Type of juice (i.e. apple, orange) (~250 mL)
  2. Write down how much sugar is in 1 serving size of each of the items you chose.
  3. Go to your unit and measure out how much sugar is in each of the food items (use custard cups for each)
    • REMEMBER: 1 gram = roughly 1 mL!!!
  4. Make sure you have a piece of paper (and the actual can/wrapper, if you have it!) by the custard cup that lists the following information:
    • Name of item (i.e. “Dr. Pepper”)
    • Serving size amount (i.e. “355 mL”)
    • Amount of sugar per serving (i.e. “15 g”) –>not the actual amount!!!
  5. Take a picture of your 5 custard cups together, then upload the picture to an Edublog post that also contains the written information
    1. Each group member must make a post!

Please make sure you use the following tag with your post!      howmuchsugar

This is due tomorrow – Wednesday, September 28th. I will give it a completion mark out of 5.

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