Français 9 – le 22 février 2021

  1. Grammaire – Présent de l’indicatif
    Notes et pratique
    2021.02.18 – FR9 – Present de l’indicatif
  2. Afficher le projet Immersion Clip sur son Edublog et soumettre sa vidéo au concours

Question de réflexion des compétences essentielles :

Positive Personal and Cultural Identity: How does Francophone media (music, television and film, social media) play a role in your growth as a French language learner?

  • Does understanding French media give you a sense of pride?
  • Do you feel differently when you hear a French song vs. a song in a language you don’t understand?
  • Does it impact your learning?

  • What obstacles prevented me from completing this project? What can I do differently to overcome these obstacles?

3. Lecture : Les misérables – Ch. 3-5

    1. Ajouter à notre carte de personnages

Quiz : Analyse du nom (mercredi/jeudi)

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