Monday – Thursday, September 18 – 21




  1. BRING a PAPER COPY of your essay to class, and you will have an opportunity for someone to edit your essay or for you to use the checklist to review it. The good copy of the essay will be due Monday, September 25 to TEAMS.
  2. Complete Chomp Chomp Parallel Structure 2 (on the blog) but is #3 on Chomp Chomp website 1 – 10 by Tuesday, September 26


Steps for writing:

  • review the assignment documents: graphic organizer, instructions, attribution and quotes, rhetoric docs
  • steps to get you started
    1. Read through some of the other resources
    2. answer the questions in the organizational thoughts document in point form in your own words
    3. which quotes from the Ted Talks (which address the big ideas) are the most significant? how can those quotes connect to discussion of AI in education from the resources?
    4. start formulating a thesis, a stance, an argument… which resources from the ones provided will help you
    5. play around with Chat GPT: how can you utilize the tools for organization – perhaps an outline?
    6. use the graphic organizer to organize your thoughts and understanding of both sides of the issue – due Wednesday, Sept 20
    7. start writing