Tuesday, January 31 to Friday, February 3

Welcome to English 9


Agenda this week:


  • Attendance and introductions (see the seating plan on the board)
  • Intro-activity – see below
  • Introduction to the course overview, blog and password:English 9 Overview Semester II 2023
  • Set-up your English 9 folder and sub-folders on your desktop and One-Drive:
    • Short Stories
    • Novel
    • COL
    • Poetry
    • Grammar


Thursday and Friday are work days

  • Play Free Rice 
  • Play bean bean bean
  • Steps:
    • ask questions about the assignment – read through the instructions on the assignment template
    • play around with the template – add colour, images, text – you need access to the full tool bar at the top
    • Page one: look for the header photo, your selfie, choose your colours and what they mean for you,  start writing the greeting (125 – 150 words)
    • Page two: look for images or graphics for your  symbols, find the quotes (one your favourite, one what someone would say about you), play with the colours and the headings, choose three of the prompts and start writing (225 to 250 words)
    • put it all together, make sure you have edited the written parts, make sure all the headings and text is in place, make sure the colours look complimentary, save it as a PDF
    • build your blog post, them upload the PDF through ‘Add Document’
  • the final one that you hand in will be called English 9 Visual Resume – the blog post will have the same name