Wednesday, April 17



  • Valedictorian Address – link for voting
  • The vote closes at 12:30 pm today!
  • check and review grammar (NR – R)
  • finish the rest of it #12 – 24
  • Introduction to the Narrative Essay – all documents are in the Writing and Grammar tab – below all the grammar docs
  • rewrites either tomorrow lunch or after school for the Parallelism test
  • there will be test on Tuesday, April 23 on the grammar concepts recently covered – review coming…

Monday, Tuesday – April 15, 16



  • Make sure that you have completed the homework from Friday on the short movie; I will be checking:
    1. Watch this short video Alike, and determine the symbolism, motifs and theme that emerge.
    2. Find a suitable epigraph that ‘speaks’ to the thematic insights into the human condition the film explores AFTER we discuss the chart:


  • Scales today! the prompt is in the Experimental Writing tab of the blog; remember to practice some of the skills you have learned so far: sentence variation, rhetorical and literary techniques, ‘show, don’t tell’
    • write in your Scales until 2:10 
    • those of who wrote the scales yesterday can read from the books at the back OR Read something from HERE
  • Read the Narrative Essay (Mentor text), Eclipse, then complete question #1 by annotating right on the paper copy, following the instructions outlined here: Motif Assignment and first Mentor Text
  • answer the rest of the questions (# 2 – 7) on the digital copy of the assignment: all of the work (#1 – annotations – and the questions are due tomorrow – Wednesday, April 17)
    • visit the Creative Non-Fiction tab for the resources which will help you do the above assignment; make sure you read through these resources and apply as many as you can, annotating right on the paper copy of the narrative, looking for examples of where the writer has manipulated the text for effect:
    • 10 Rhetorical Strategies
    • The Essay as a genre
    • grade 12 poetry terminology

Monday, April 15



  • homework check for Libraries essay questions #2 – 6
  • new essay; paper copies will be handed out but here is the digital copy of it: Marina Keegan’s essay – annotate the essay for literary and rhetorical techniques – DUE on Tuesday, April 16
  • new grammar concept: Restrictive and non-restrictive clauses (paper copy – digital is in the WG tab of the blog)

Thursday, Friday – April 11, 12




  • Two homework checks: Conjunctive Adverbs and #1 – the annotations – on Libraries essay
  • review the homework – work on the questions – due Monday
  • Last essay: The Opposite of Loneliness – if time



  • finish the discussion of A South African Storm
  • we will read the next narrative: Library: Cathedrals of our Souls – you will get a paper copy but there is a digital copy in the Writing and Grammar tab
  • finish the Conjunctive Adverbs worksheet for tomorrow – homework check
    • Homework =  #1 from the questions for Libraries essay – annotations and LABELING on the paper!!
  • for anyone who wants to rewrite the Parallelism test, Wednesday, April 17 – either at lunch or after school – you can only re-write if you did not do well: 25/40 or less (62%) 



Wednesday, April 10



  • make sure you have a paper copy of a decent – ‘almost there’ draft of your story
  • you will be peer-editing today and working on finishing your story
  • on Friday, when you hand in the final copy to TEAMS, make sure you bring the paper draft stapled to the peer-editing sheet to hand in as well
  • if you finish this process early, do the following:
    • are your Scales up to date? There have been three since we have returned from Spring Break
    • Read the journals at the back of the room, or some of the links that I have provided in the Content Curation and Reading tab

Tuesday, April 9



  • it’s not Monday reading (should have done this yesterday…)  – it’s Tuesday reading today…
    • if you are struggling for ideas to explore for your story, read through some of the content here for the first 10 mins of class or so…
    • Teen Ink – a great online and print magazine written by teens for teens
    • Teens in the New York Times
  • Have a printed (PAPER copy) and ‘mostly there’ draft for the beginning of tomorrow’s class
  • The final draft of the story is due to TEAMS by Friday, April 12