Monday, November 6



Today is the last day to work on the project; make sure you that you do the following:

  • edit your Synopsis for:
    • punctuation errors – make sure that you do not have run-ons or fragments
    • short story terms – make sure you have a minimum of three in your synopsis
    • the theme you chose – make sure that it is evident through your synopsis and your story details
    • Title, names (proper nouns) – make sure they are all capitalized
    • CHECK spelling!
  • Movie Poster:
    • make sure that you have a TAG line or hook on the poster that reflects the conflict and theme you chose
    • make sure you have other movie poster items – see p. 2 of the instructions
    • make sure everything is spelled correctly; you will lose marks if there are spelling errors on the movie poster
  • Reflection and post:
    • READ page 3 and 4 of the instructions for how to write your reflection and what should be on your post (tag, title, headings etc.)
    • make sure you upload your synopsis and reflection as ‘Documents’ not links (add Document)
    • make sure you choose the correct size for the images that you upload to the post
    • view the template of how your post should look – password = AIposter

Thursday, Friday – November 2, 3



Thursday and Friday:

  • work on your brainstorm sheet for the literary terms which apply to your story ‘synopsis’
    • this includes the synopsis which will be later copied to a separate document, then uploaded as a ‘Document’ to your blog post
    • use the language of the short story terms in your synopsis – see the Sea Devil synopsis on my teacher template of the project on the blog
  • you cannot start work on your AI prompt until this process is completed – so finish the synopsis (rough version) today
  • the project will be due next week but only half the class on Monday will be given to work on the project

Thursday, Friday – November 2, 3




  • your Blackout (Found poem) should be mostly/almost done AND you have played around with POWTOON
  • Remember, if you did a paper copy, you need a very good clear JPEG/PNG of it: no shadows, just the paper, no angles, clear and focused
  • start writing the text that you need for slides #3 through #7 – see the NEW updated Part Two instructions and the Example of Poem analysis document on the Short Story Tab of the blog
  • Start work on the Powtoon portion of the project


  • continue to work on the project
  • Mr. Barazzuol will be here tomorrow for help with Powtoon
  • it will be due on Monday, Nov 6

Monday, October 30



Monday, Tuesday – October 30, 31




  • work day; spend your time:
    • reviewing the links (resources) connected to the story’s text to world connections that are on the short story tab of the blog and the project instructions
    • thinking about which theme you want to pursue -see instructions
    • looking at the Poetic devices document; remember you need two sound devices and two poetic devices
    • looking through the Dystopian PDF’s on the blog – decide on a few pages that have good ‘anchor’ words
    • playing around with CANVA or a similar web-based tool to help to begin the process of  ‘finding’ your poem – you do have the option of doing this on the actual paper copy if you want
    • thinking about what visuals you will create to enhance the imagery in your poem and that reinforce the theme you chose


  • Mr. Barazzuol will come to show you Part Two of the COL Found Poem project


Thursday, Friday – October 26, 27




  • Finish the discussion of the Sea Devil:
    • irony, character type, theme, figurative language
    • review the secondary resources
  • One more quick short story: Gentlemen, Your Verdict
    •  in the Short Story tab of the class blog


  • discuss the last story and the questions
  • write a theme statement
  • Mr. Barazzuol will come Monday to discuss the COL/English project you will be doing