Monday, February 6



  • Review of the turn-in process for the Visual Resume:
  • how to save as a PDF and make the post:
    • New post, title: Visual Resume
    • TAG = vresume2023
    • Category = English 9
    • Introductory sentence that gives the assignment context
    • upload using “Add Document”
    • Publish, and then click ‘View’
    • the published link will be turned into TEAMs on Monday, February 6
  • Intro to the short story unit – take some notes on the class discussion on a piece of paper or a Word document – title it ‘Notes on the Short Story’:
    • a. what is literature?
      b. why do we tell stories?
      c. why are stories important?
      d. What is a short story? …other than it is short
      e. How can we better understand a story when we read?
      f. Brainstorm about what is being communicated in this image?:
    • And this one:


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