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Hubbard 2017 Data Analysis Thoughts

Hubbard 2017 Data Analysis Thoughts

1.     I think that the role that statistics have in our lives is very important. Statistics can figure out what the general population or group of people want, or what they don’t want. Without statistics, we wouldn’t know how many people there are in the world, or the quantity of genders in each area. A “status quo” would not be available.

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3.     What I learned about statistics is that they help us understand what is going on in communities, cities, and the world. They are far more valuable then just looking at individual cases to decide weather to do something or not.

4.     There can be different types of problems in statistics. Stats can be biased in an individual case, and they can easily be made up to try an prove a point. Another problem could be that the question is biased, and its purpose is to make voters go one way over another.