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Think Again-Mini Inquiry Poem

Think Again

Remember, his topics of conversation

are more important than yours.


I am a doctor, you are a nurse

Why must you think this should be in reverse

I’ve had more training, spent a lot more

And yet, you still feel superior


But, no matter

I will fly like a bird against the sun

crash through painted arcadias

show off my bold, strong wings


Despite ourselves.

Our kind multiplies  

we will realize, revolutionize, revolt

Before you can think twice

We shall by morning

Inherit the earth




 Think Again-Analysis

“Think Again” is a 16-line poem that shares insight into the human condition. more specifically, gender roles and the power of an individual. This poem shows how gender roles and stereotypes effect the world. Using direct quotes from “The good wife”,” The Friday Everything Changed”, “Praxis”, and “Mushrooms” the poet captured the essence of breaking away from the stereotypes that are made. This poem is also about how people can rise against society, despite how heavily we are chained to the ground, and molded into thinking we are anything less than extraordinary. In this poem, there is alliterations, metaphors, and hyperboles to enhance imagery of this piece.




Restorive Justice- Walking After Midnight

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Letting go, letting go of the thoughts of what life could be like if that person you lost was still around. not having closure, and not forgiving. The video (Walking After midnight) proves that there are two different ways to treat a situation where it’s very hard to forgive what someone else has done. In the video, the victim’s wife told the story of how her husband was murdered.

Her husband and some of his friends went to go check on there neighbors house party, to make sure everything was under control. The husband went upstairs to check if the neighbors master bedroom was okay, and when he went up to the room, two young men where already there, and killed the husband.

But instead of the wife just filling herself with regret, she decided to use restorative justice instead. What is restorative justice? Restorative justice emphasizes repairing the harm caused by criminal behaviour. In this case, she talked to the convicted criminal, and they talked and talked, about forgiveness, and choices. Eventually, both of them did talks to elementary and middle schools about substance abuse.

I personally think that forgiveness is key to happiness and peace, because if all of your feelings of holding a grudge for someone, bottles up inside of you, and will effect your life negatively. But, if you choose to set those feelings free, you on continue on with your life, your life will still be changed, but you can continue on, never less.

I think it is very hard to forgive because if you forgive, the person who you lost is still gone, you might think that your not fighting hard enough for them, or that your going to forget them. So, it’s really fear that makes forgiving someone that hurt you, harder.

Wrong Side

Wrong Side

Humans reflection

Emerging from the machines,  

How far will we take it

Why is this a constant routine


Scary, scary, scary

Ghosts used to be

But we see them now

On our Snapchat screens

Big companies are eating  

Kid consumer’s cuisine


As the phones get bigger

Our hearts get smaller

Who is going to change

The greedy gold-diggers


Adults don’t even realize

It will be gone so soon

Technology will eat us

We’re now living,

On the wrong side, of the zoo