Novel Study- English 12

Hidden Figures is a movie about African-American women working at NASA, and how they conquer racism and sexism while working there, and how that leads to a successful space launch.

How did they do it? Why did they continue to fight against this discrimination? They continued to fight against this discrimination because they believed in getting a man into space. They had hope that by being a part of NASA’s history, that it would promote societal change.

This can somewhat answer the question of how does conflict affect people in our society, and it also shows how hope breaks through the conflict, to see a bigger idea and a greater goal in this case.


Now getting more into the war aspect of things, is WWII’s surprising secret agent. I really love watching Ted-ed’s and I was watching a playlist they created titled, “Well-Behaved women seldom make history” and I found this video of how Noor Inayat Khan worked with the French resistance to build the network that defeated the Nazi’s.


So how does conflict give way to hope?

Great works are performed not by strength but by perseverance.

By dealing with the conflict in a non-violent way, the people from Hidden figures and From Pacifist to spy were able to somewhat or fully overcome their conflicts.

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